Concrete as a Part of the Interior Design

Concrete is used not only in the construction of buildings and structures, but it is also successfully used in the design of the interior of apartments and houses. This is a minimalist style, which focuses on the natural aspects of the material.

There is also a similar style which is called industrial, or loft, which first appeared in the United States in the last century. Due to rising house prices, people began to use the attic space of empty non-working factories. They were mostly people of creative professions. This style has become popular in many countries around the world.

The use of concrete in the interior of an apartment allows you to save lots of money on various finishing materials. Nowadays, this style is in high demand, new colors appear in it, opening up the scope of designer imagination. The line between the centuries is blurred and it is difficult to determine which era this interior belongs to. Everything is concise, strict, restrained. But there is no room for cobwebs or dust.

Concrete, in addition to its simplicity and accessibility, has such properties as resistance to water and fire. It is an environmentally friendly material. No mold or fungi.

Both polished and rough concrete is used in interior design. Due to its sophistication, polished concrete can look no worse than ceramic tiles, Venetian plaster, granite, marble. The grayness of the material enlivens the play of light, photos, abstract paintings, bright and vivid posters.

Concrete in the interior design is used for the decoration of walls, floors, ceilings, columns. It can also be used as furniture, such as tabletops, shelves, or various other decorative elements. You can make a bath, a shower tray, and even a fireplace out of concrete. It can be used in any room, including the bedroom, bathroom, hallway, and the kitchen.


They are stylish, and they usually play the leading role in the interior. In a small apartment, you can only make one wall of concrete. The wall can be made smooth, by polishing it, or it can be decorated with all sorts of ledges, shelves, carvings, bright decorative elements, lamps, etc.

A great addition to such a wall would be a TV, soft furniture with colored pillows or the skin of an animal. The remaining walls can be white or of contrasting colors, lined with wood or antique bricks. The floor should be wooden, of light shades, the ceiling should be light as well. If all the walls are made of concrete, the ceiling should be brighter than the walls, thus, the room will seem higher than it is.

A large and wide window will be a great addition to such a design. If you have access to a balcony or loggia, you can install a sliding window from the ceiling to the floor. Such a window-door hybrid can perfectly do without any curtains.

CONCRETE FLOOR It can be quite cold to walk on such a floor, so you should do something about it. When it comes to the bedroom, it is better to use traditional flooring: wooden, laminate, linoleum. As an option, you can lay a fluffy warm carpet around the bed on the concrete floor. Concrete is perfect for the kitchen and the bathroom. Colors like creamy white, light beige, gray or light green will be a perfect fit. Concrete will last you a long time, it is easy to care for. It can be polished and adapted to basically any interior design that you might want.